A Mutual Investment in Financial Planning

As professionals in the area of Finance and the Markets, we are constantly striving to provide our clients with a better experience and greater resources to assist them in all areas of their financial well-being. Financial Planning has become a commonly used phrase in the realm of Investing. Upon looking up the term “Planning” some common synonyms leap out at me… Organization, Arrangement, Design and Forethought! This got me to thinking about how daunting the task of Financial Planning must be to most people. In all its intricacies and convoluted nomenclature, at its essence is the basic concept that a Plan well devised results in greater success and a much more enjoyable journey. Yet, we find that many of our Clients are reticent to invest the needed time and energy into creating such a vital living document.
The idea is to take a holistic approach to your finances and encompass all facets of your current life to design a plan for you to reach your individual financial goals and needs. This will also assist us in ascertaining the proper asset allocation in a goals-based methodology. Coupled with the financial planning comes the capabilities to aggregate all of your financial accounts into one place where you will have access to see and manage all of your affairs, either from your computer or your phone! Finally, within this program is “The Vault,” which provides the ability to upload all important documents in a safe and secure location and allow you to designate who has access to such documents i.e. Trustees, CPAs and Estate Attorneys.
We, as a firm, have made a significant investment in the necessary software and resources to assist you in creating your financial roadmap. In addition, we are pleased to announce the newest member to our Wealth Advisor team, Mr. Casey Pisano, CFP®. Casey brings with him the “Certified Financial Planner” designation which makes him uniquely qualified to guide our clients through the financial planning process. As part of our on-going commitment to bring new resources to our clients, there is no additional fee for the Financial Planning. Our Wealth Advisor team would like to set forth a challenge for our clients this year… Invest in yourselves and begin the process of completing a Comprehensive Financial Plan.
[pullquote]We are beyond excited to be providing our clients with these additional resources above and beyond the core competency of active portfolio management. Please take the time to schedule a call with us to begin the exciting journey of getting all of your Financial affairs in order! [/pullquote]

Karl Wagner, III

Director of Business Development