Cowen Health Care Conference – Boston, MA.

[pullquote]“We continue to be big believers in healthcare as an investable sector for  the long-term.”[/pullquote]
On March 12-14th, Joe Biondo Jr. and Scott Goginsky attended the Cowen Health Care Conference in Boston. The conference was well attended and over 200 companies presented at the event. Several Biondo holdings made presentations and led small group discussions.
Many topical workshops were held at the event and included current investable themes such as breast cancer, rheumatology, orthopedics, opioids and many others. As has been the case in recent years, immuno-oncology was at the forefront of discussions. New advancements in CAR-T cell therapy, cancer vaccines and checkpoint inhibitors are changing the landscape in cancer research and treatment. As a firm, we have focused much attention on these treatment areas and see the investment opportunities as very promising.
Another area of focus has been Life Sciences, particularly genetic tools and testing. The ability to map the human genome has greatly improved medical treatments and drug development. Just since our first Cowen conference in 2012, the cost of gene sequencing has decreased significantly. It has moved from simply an experiment in the research lab to use in a clinical setting. It is anticipated that most physicians will eventually have a gene sequencing machine right in their office. This will help doctors in diagnosing conditions, drug selection and treatment. We are just at the tip of the iceberg of its potential.
We continue to be big believers in healthcare as an investable sector for the long-term. It is an ever-changing high-technology industry that will always be in demand. As always, we are tirelessly working to find new investment opportunities for our clients.

Scott A. Goginsky, CFA

Research Analyst
Portfolio Manager