BIONDO Perspectives

May 2nd, 2019

Spring Brings New Growth & Insights…

By Buffie Dobbs

Cover of the WealthSense newsletter.WealthSense Monthly is a new educational newsletter with the goal of providing our clients a resource on becoming better investors.

We take pride in our investment management expertise, but we also know it’s important for our clients to understand the behavorial side of investing for their own financial well-being. The monthly insights we will be sharing with you will focus on topics such as:

  • Act like an investor, not a speculator. Focus on long-term fundamentals; short-term market movements and news are for speculators.
  • Ignore the media. The media’s sole purpose is to make money by getting your attention – and they are masters at eliciting our emotions.
  • Remain disciplined to your plan. Do not make decisions in an emotional state. Rely upon the investment plan as an anchor.
  • Understand the role of luck and skill in investing. Luck and chance dominate short-term performance; investment skill is demonstratednthrough discipline and patience.
  • Before making any significant financial decisions, review your financial plan with your wealth advisor to ensure your plan supports the decision.

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Photo of Buffie Dobbs of Sussex County, NJ.

Buffie J. Dobbs

Marketing and Business Development