BIONDO Perspectives

November 1st, 2018

Team Spotlight Q3-2018

By The Biondo Team

Jean Retires…

We didn’t think it would happen. Our clients didn’t think it would happen. And denial is phonetic for a river in Egypt! Jean, bless her, handled her retirement the same careful, thoughtful, deliberate, intentional way she handled her colleagues, co workers, and “her people.” Many of you that worked closely with her – some for the entire 36 years she was with the Biondos, and The Biondo Group, received personal phone calls (if she could reach you) and every client received a letter, in advance. Many of you sent cards, or a mountain of chocolates, or even a special pair of “butterfly binoculars” and a field guide to butterflies – that client knew Jean already had the birder book! Many of you called extending congratulations – and some to ask “but who will I talk to now??” Fitting compliments to Jean’s commitment to you, her people. Rest assured – Jean is a very special lady, and was an integral member of the Biondo Team – and that Team is here ready and able to help you!

We’re grateful that Jean chose to stay with our firm for more than three and a half decades – an amazing length of service. Jean never wavered in being a stalwart team member and a standard bearer of the mission and dedication of the Biondo Team, as witnessed by the outpouring from decades long, multi-generational, and even fairly new clients. It was gratifying for us that you, our valued clients, appreciated Jean, and her retirement reminds us that change will always happen. While we no longer have Jean in the office on a daily basis – she lives local, and we know she will visit us! That made it easier to say ciao instead of good-bye.

Finally, before this becomes too fuzzy mushy – not Jean’s style unless it involved a small furry animal – we leave you with this: Jean and her husband Gary plan to continue traveling. And not just to Weirs, the seasonal ice cream stand in Montgomery – no, they’ll be traveling the world! They’ve had a taste of it over the last few years – Netherlands & Baltics, Russia, Australia & New Zealand, China, Scotland & England, Canada – all fairly recent destinations. Now they can go whenever, wherever, and for however long. We wish them safe traveling to wonderful locales filled with exotic chocolate. Bon voyage!


Photo’s are from Jean’s retirement party.


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