What We Do

Biondo Investment Advisors is a comprehensive financial services firm that specializes in proprietary asset management.  Our diverse backgrounds and extensive experience enable us to assist our clients in all facets of their financial well-being.  From creating a financial plan, to actively managing investments, as well as navigating social security

and insurance, we stand ready to assist you however possible.

Below please find a short description of the services we offer.  If you would like to hear more about any of these services, feel free to give us a call or come in and meet with us.



Creating a financial plan allows a client to evaluate their road to retirement, and determine how current assets and savings will project into future income to accomplish future goals.

The key to any successful endeavor originates in a well thought out plan. Whether planning for income in retirement or funding a child’s education, our professional financial planning software will create a living template to guide us to your eventual goals and dreams. The program considers all current assets and intended savings, expected performance based on allocation, sequence of returns, and social security benefits to determine expected future income.



Predicated upon almost fifty years of successfully managing money, our philosophy seems simple, yet has been time tested to produce results.

We believe what enables us to give our clients the potential to outperform the market is the creation of concentrated portfolios with an emphasis on good, old-fashioned stock picking. We try to position ourselves to outperform by not mirroring the market. Couple this with quality, investment-grade bonds and we have a recipe for growth.


Insurance &

When meeting with clients, we perform an insurance assessment to determine what coverage is currently in place, what coverage is adequate, and what product best covers all liabilities.

We believe that insurance needs should not be seen as an investment opportunity, but as a necessary expense to ensure financial security. Needs assessment and anticipated liabilities drive the decision in a collaborative approach which we employ with all of our clients. We will occasionally utilize various annuities to solve for current or future income need.


Estate &
Tax Planning

Many of our clients state that their main financial goal is to leave a legacy for their children. Through proper planning we can ensure your assets are ready for succession.

Through our extensive network of Estate Attorneys and CPAs, we will facilitate the necessary introductions to assist our clients in these vital areas. Consider us the “conductor” of your financial orchestra when it comes to properly planning for your current and future estate and tax planning needs.



Social Security is one of the pillars of retirement income planning. We can offer our experience in helping you navigate and maximize your benefits.

Recently, the Social Security Administration changed some of the strategies retirees have been employing to maximize their benefits. We are well versed in the options still left to recipients. Yet, when to take benefits and how to integrate this difficult decision into the overall financial plan continues to challenge many retirees. We have the acumen to assist our clients in making these choices.



The cost of healthcare in retirement is often a misunderstood segment of an individual’s planning.

With healthcare expenses often accounting for 20% or more of a person’s retirement expenses, proper Medicare navigation is essential to a successful retirement. We are prepared to advise you on all parts of Medicare including enrollment, Parts A, B, D, Medigap coverage, and Part C.