BIONDO Perspectives

How Would the SECURE Act Affect Your IRA?

By Casey H. Pisano, CFP®, AIF®

Looming legislation may have an impact on plans to leave IRA accounts to adult children… Here’s why: The legislation would require certain beneficiaries to accelerate the distributions they’re required to take out of inherited IRAs. If your adult children beneficiaries are forced to take out sizeable amounts of money from the account, it not only […]


2019 Retirement Contribution Changes & Updates

By Alexa Bogusta

Important Announcement to Our Clients: 2019 retirement contribution limits have increased to $6,000 for IRAs, with a $1,000 additional catchup allowed for those 50 years old and older, and $19,000 for 401k, 403b and most 457 plans, with the $6,000 additional catchup for those 50 years old and older. We encourage our clients to start […]


The Self-Employed 401K

By Jean Pavek

Are you self-employed, with no employees?  The Self-Employed 401K may be for you. Are you self employed with no employees except for a spouse? If you are in that category and want to maximize your retirement savings, you have the option of establishing a Self-Employed 401k. In this plan, you may contribute both as an […]


New Tax Law Implications for Roth IRAs

By Kyle Clark

Tax Day is fresh on our minds, so I thought it would be appropriate to discuss some implications of the new tax law on your investments. Many do not realize that the new tax rates that are effective this year will expire in 2026 which means that taxes on Traditional IRA distributions will revert to […]


Are your current allocations still in line with your expectations?

By Karl A. Wagner, III

What a year it has been in the markets and, in particular, the performance to date in our equity disciplines! You never know when a year like this will occur, which once again proves that timing the market generally is a fool’s errand and that the two major factors in a successful portfolio are discipline […]