BIONDO Perspectives


By Scott A. Goginsky

A Surprise Finish to 2020 Happy New Year!  We hope that this letter finds you and your family well.  Now that an extremely challenging year is over, we hope that 2021 means better days ahead for us all. As tough as 2020 was on many levels, it was a very fruitful, albeit volatile, year for […]


The Art of Distribution

By Karl A. Wagner III

The beginning of a new year generally facilitates moments of reflection on the ups and downs of the previous year. The year 2020 was challenging, to say the least, yet there were certainly positive aspects for the firm, particularly in the area of performance. One critical area that is often overlooked is distribution planning. More […]


The New, New Stimulus Bill

By Casey Pisano

Around this time last year, I was writing a newsletter article and whitepaper about The SECURE Act. This time around, we have yet another bill passed during the last week of the year with tons of information. The official name of the stimulus bill that was signed into law is, The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. […]


A Persistent Forecast for 2021

Persistent (def) – continuing to exist or endure over a prolonged period Wall Street forecasts lack persistence. Their shelf life may only be a few weeks or months at best and 2020 was a great example.  Once COVID hit, existing forecasts became worthless. This happens just about every year – excuses abound as to why […]