BIONDO Perspectives


By Scott A. Goginsky, CFA®

THE MARKET CONTINUES TO BENEFIT FROM A RETURN TO NORMALCY Happy Summer!  I hope that this commentary finds you well and that you are enjoying some time with family and friends.  It is much needed for all of us after a tough year and a half. While virus concerns remain, primarily with the highly contagious […]


Why Everyone is Talking About Roth IRAs Right Now

By Casey Pisano, CFP®

Prior to June 24, 2021 most people were probably under the impression that Roth IRAs were pretty boring. You may have told your kid or grandkid to set one up when they got their first job. There are income limits to be able to contribute to a Roth IRA and you can’t take the money […]


The Peril of Investment Fads

As we are midway through the year, it can be a good time to take stock of what happened so far, and what we can learn about it. Looking back is an important activity as we seek to progress. It’s not about beating ourselves up for mistakes or feeding our ego for profitable decisions; it’s […]


Invest in Your Vacation and Yourself!

Why do most avoid this important investment? Why do so many of us not use our vacation days? Salespeople talk about “leaving money on the table.” Well, employees leave vacation on the table, and the cost to us is significant. In fact, Americans leave 429 million vacation hours on this proverbial table, according to a […]