Creating A Virtuous Cycle

There are many concerns today that can significantly affect our thoughts, actions and quality of life – the fires out west, a devastating hurricane in the south and the Coronavirus. These and many others are often beyond our control. We can, however, choose to focus on the things in our lives in which we do have control.

This is a great time to create a virtuous cycle, to help us stay focused and become our best selves. Creating a virtuous cycle is empowering and enduring. It often results in greater contentment and success in our lives, and is an upward spiral of potential and progress.

A virtuous cycle is a product of our choices. It is not dependent on good luck nor avoiding bad outcomes. The following three tips can help you create your own virtuous cycle:

Surround Yourself with Great People

We tend to take on attributes of those we associate with socially. These connections influence how we think, feel and behave. It’s easy to be negative and a cynic, and much more difficult these days to be an optimist – that is a gift. Choose to be around positive people and allow their perspectives and disposition to rub off on you.

Praise Others

Be liberal with complimenting others and slow to criticize. This tends to be much easier said than done. Direct praise, “you are a great friend,” is better than comparison praise, “you are a better friend than Linda.” Combine gratitude with praise for the ideal effect – “I appreciate how you listen and give me good advice.” Direct praise increases another’s self-worth and your own personal potential.

Avoid Negativity

We don’t always agree with others. Everyone has virtue and shortcomings. Choose to focus on the positive qualities of others (and ourselves) and not their flaws.

Circumstances may influence us, but they don’t have to compel us. We can choose to act positively, rather than be acted upon by negative externalities. At Biondo Investment Advisors, LLC we foster a culture that recognizes the skills and contribution of each member of our team.  We believe this environment transfers to providing the best service to our clients with the goal of building confidence, trust and creating that virtuous cycle.

Source: ©2021 Behavioral Finance Network. Used with permission