BIONDO Perspectives

The SECURE Act is Now Law.

By Casey H. Pisano, CFP®, AIF®

In our last newsletter we discussed proposed retirement reform that had bi-partisan support. Although we, along with the rest of the planning community, anticipated some significant change to IRAs and RMDs for non-spouse beneficiaries, we didn’t have an actual law to work with. As of December 20, 2019, we do have a law to work […]


How Would the SECURE Act Affect Your IRA?

By Casey H. Pisano, CFP®, AIF®

Looming legislation may have an impact on plans to leave IRA accounts to adult children… Here’s why: The legislation would require certain beneficiaries to accelerate the distributions they’re required to take out of inherited IRAs. If your adult children beneficiaries are forced to take out sizeable amounts of money from the account, it not only […]

Cybersecurity photo.


By Patrice M. Singleton

Keeping your information secure from criminals is a top priority for our firm, and we take clear and actionable steps in our security measures. With cybersecurity extending far beyond traditional laptops and desktops, we need to be very vigilant in protecting our personal information. Many of the electronic devices we are enjoying today, from cell […]


Spring Brings New Growth & Insights…

By Buffie Dobbs

WealthSense Monthly is a new educational newsletter with the goal of providing our clients a resource on becoming better investors. We take pride in our investment management expertise, but we also know it’s important for our clients to understand the behavorial side of investing for their own financial well-being. The monthly insights we will be […]


Tech Sector Trends

By Scott Goginsky

Jefferies Tech, Media & Telecom conference was held in Miami, FL on May 8-10th.  Over 100 companies presented at the well-attended event.  The key themes included virtual reality, artificial intelligence, on-line advertising, and autonomous driving.  Many investors were especially interested in the rise of bots/personal assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. Biondo Investments […]


Updated 3/23/20, message from The Biondo Team regarding COVID-19.