Joseph P. Biondo

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager

Joseph cares to make a difference in people’s lives according to their personal goals, wants and beliefs.   He grew up in an environment where hard work and commitment were a part of their daily chores.  He believes a strong work ethic, honesty and an intuitive ability to see opportunity where others may see nothing, are three of the essential attributes for a successful Portfolio Manager to possess.  His father raised his family to work hard so they would not struggle as he had as a young man, and he wanted to ensure they understood how to make what money they had work for them. Thus, when most kids his age were running a paper route or washing dishes at the local restaurant, he was looking up stock quotes and reading the Wall Street Journal with his father every morning.  Monies he earned from weekend jobs were invested in the very same names and companies he had been learning about and researching with his father.

These life lessons, along with many more, were then solidified when he made the decision to build a professional skill set and enhance his education by attending The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  He majored in Economics with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Management, Finance and Marketing. Wanting to have an impact on others like his father had done, he strived for a meaningful career and, today, he enjoys the daily commitment to making a difference in people’s lives.  Everyone carries their own set of priorities, whether it be a retirement home, college educations, weddings, charitable contributions, health care costs, the list goes on and on.  Joseph respects the value of each and remains dedicated to working towards their achievement.

Joseph and his wife reside in Sparta, NJ, with their three children.  They continue the family tradition and make it a point in their household to focus on the importance of hard work, commitment, and giving back.

You can also check Joseph’s investment advisor background on the SEC’s Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (IAPD)

Meet The Team

Joseph R. Biondo

Founder, Senior Portfolio Manager

Joseph P. Biondo

CEO, CIO, Portfolio Manager

Karl A. Wagner III

Partner, Senior Wealth Advisor

Genevieve C. Cornell

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Scott A. Goginsky, CFA®

Partner, Research Analyst & Portfolio Manager

Casey H. Pisano, CFP®, AIF®

Senior Wealth Advisor

Joseph W. Daly

Wealth Advisor

Luke Barbalich, MBA

Wealth Advisor

Sharon L. Smith

Director, Administration and Finance

Alexandra G. Vigilante, CIPM®

Performance Analyst, Operations Associate

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Nicole A. Dutkus

Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Information Security Officer

Jennifer L. Jarvis

Portfolio Manager Assistant

Amanda L. Krok

Client Service Representative

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Kathryn S. Clarke

Marketing Coordinator

Dina Van Auken

Administrative Associate