Understanding Market Opportunities for Investing

Understanding Market Opportunities with Biondo Investment Advisors CEO & CIO, Joseph P. Biondo

Our CEO & CIO, Joseph P. Biondo, appeared on Fox Business News to discuss opportunities in the market with Liz Claman on The Claman Countdown. He provided insight on how to navigate a volatile market and the importance of business models when looking at specific companies.

The markets have been quite volatile lately, leaving investors guessing as to what their next move should be. When you partner with Biondo Investment Advisors for your investing needs, you won’t have to navigate these muddy waters on your own. Biondo Investment Advisors CEO & CIO, Joseph P. Biondo, was recently interviewed by Liz Claman on Fox Business to give his insights on future market opportunities. 

Table of Contents

  1. Watch Our Fox Business Clip
  2. Which Stocks are Safe?
  3. The Importance of Razor-Razorblade Business Models
  4. Trust Biondo Investment Advisors

Watch Our Fox Business Clip


In early May 2022, Joseph P. Biondo was interviewed by Liz Claman on Fox Business because of his reputation as one of the top wealth advisors in the country. This insight and expertise is exactly what you need in this current hot and cold market. You can watch the interview here!

Which Stocks are Safe?

Volatility is never pleasant, but it is normal. It never feels good, but markets are adjusting to a new reality. Rather than see this as a bad thing, we encourage you to look for market opportunities that have risen from it. If you look long enough down the road, you’ll hopefully be able to make some good money!

The Importance of Razor-Razorblade Business Models

It’s elementary to think stocks that are up year-over-year are good and stocks that are down year-over-year are bad. In fact, Joseph P. Biondo sees market opportunities in some companies that may be down, but are attractive in the long term because of their razor-razorblade business models. The razor-razorblade business model1 is one in which an item is sold at a low price in order to increase sales of a complementary good, such as consumable supplies. Covid-19 has kept some individual sales down, particularly within the medical industry, but in the long term, the outcome looks great. 

Trust Biondo Investment Advisors

For help deciphering these market opportunities and others, our financial advisors are here for you! We are a boutique wealth management firm providing comprehensive financial guidance to individuals, families, and businesses. We know what we’re doing, because we’ve been doing it for many years. This expertise is one reason we currently manage more than $830 million* of client assets.  Our team provides holistic financial planning, wealth management, and thoughtful financial counsel in a way that is client-centric and easy to understand! We conduct our own in-depth research into each company and their management practices before investing, to highlight market opportunities and build your trust.


1 (Kenton, 2021)

*as of March 2022